April 15, 2021

McEnany: Trump Plans to Participate in the Next Debate

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The White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany faced questions Thursday about the president’s reluctance to condemn white supremacy,

“This has been answered yesterday by the president himself, the day before by the president himself on the debate stage. The president was asked this. He said, sure, three times yesterday,” said McEnany.

“He was point blank, blank asked, do you denounce white supremacy? And he said, I’ve always denounced any form of that.”

This comes after President Donald Trump refused at Tuesday’s debate to condemn white supremacists who have supported him, telling one such group known as the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

Asked directly on Wednesday if he welcomed white supremacist support, he first said only that he favored law enforcement but when the questioner persisted, he said he had always denounced “any form of any of that.”

“I just said that the president had renounced his,” said McEnany.

“His record on this is unmistakable and it’s shameful that the media refuses to cover it.”

McEnany was also asked about whether the president would take part in the two other scheduled debates after the debate commission announced it would look at making changes.

“He thinks the only way there’s a fair debate is changing the moderator and a change in the Democrat nominee,” said McEnany.

“He wants to debate. He plans on being at the debate, but he wants the rules to be fair and wants a fair exchange and doesn’t want rules that cover for a certain candidate’s inability to perform well.”

The first of three scheduled debates between Trump and his rival Joe Biden deteriorated into bitter taunts and chaos Tuesday night as the Republican president repeatedly interrupted his Democratic rival with angry jabs that overshadowed any substantive discussion of the crises threatening the nation.

Some Democrats called on Biden on Wednesday to skip the next two debates.

Biden’s campaign confirmed he would participate in the subsequent meetings, as did Trump’s. But the Commission on Presidential Debates promised “additional structure… to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.”

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